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Shipping information - important details

For orders with specific delivery dates, shipment status can be queried via the following telephone number: +49 8072 9191-207. Please quote the job number. Please note: Status of en route shipments can only be tracked for goods dispatched with a fixed delivery schedule.

Delivery Notification - important details

To ensure timely receipt of your order, you will be contacted by the forwarding company prior to dispatch of the goods, to arrange a fixed time or window for delivery.

It is therefore in your interest to ensure that the following information is provided with your initial request: It is critical that we have we have a correct and accessible telephone number for the point of contact at the delivery site. Please provide this number with your order when requesting delivery notification.

Please understand that we cannot unload and deliver goods if you are not reachable at the number provided. We therefore strongly advise that a process is in place to ensure replacement cover, should the named contact be temporarily unavailable.


Fon: +49 8072 9191-0
Fax: +49 8072 9191-9100


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